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Justy, Huas – Love Letter, Pt.3

Trip Hop, Nu soul

Urban soul downtempo atmosphere combined ideally with ethereal female vocals & some down-to-earth rapping produce a slick result that you really enjoy listening again & again.

Justy is apparently influenced by the past (90’s soul, Fugees, Erykah Badu, trip hop i.e.) but this is only a great start point. She then humbly forms her personal piece of work by using primary musical elements : a simple atmospheric melody, a nice jazzhop beat, some proper rapping and of course her soul-velvet-ed voice, all bound together with skill, honesty and genuineness.

For an artist, in order to make a good song, doesn’t need to use fancy studio tricks or highly-paid producers and this urban soul hymn is an obvious proof.


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