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SeepeopleS – Conifers Of China remix

Trip Hop

Me as a music digger doesn’t get the chance regularly to come across similar tracks like this. It is because this tune concentrates so many different exciting musical elements that altogether are so elegantly mixed resulting a quite captivating listen.

Where do I start from? The various psychedelic sounds consisted of mainly beautiful samples that are swarming about the whole track and give an exciting hypnotic touch… Ethereal vocals, trip hop rhythm and some natural instruments follow the same psychedelic arrangement and finally we end up with a beautiful psychedelic trip hop gem.

Since nothing in music is really authentic or original and if I had to recall any influences, I would say that this tune reminds me the instrumental parts of Folk Implosion or If only Serge Gainsbourg had collaborated with Ravi Shankar at the late sixties then the end result would have sounded very much like this tune.


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